RL96A-38 RockLock 96mm Riser, Aluminium, 201.9mm x 75.0mm

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Size: Ø 201.9mm x 75.0mm
Subcategory: Single Position Riser
Material Construction:
Aluminum- (RL96A-38) $999.00
Spacing: 4x 1/2-13 or M12 bolts @ 90° on Ø 178.0mm or

3x 1/2-13 or M12 bolts @ 120° on Ø 178.0mm
Repeatability +/- 0.0003″


 The RL96A-38 series quick change adapter was built for medium sized rotaries and smaller 5 axis machines (~300 mm range).

With bolt patterns at 60 degrees and 90 degrees this adapter is flexible and fits on a majority of the most popular rotaries and 5 axis tables on the market.

The 3″ overall height makes it ideal for those smaller parts that you want to get off the table.