RL96A-90DEG RockLock 96mm Adapter Plate, 90° right angle plate, Includes 4ea PS20F

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The 90° right angle RockLock plate is the perfect low cost solution for multi-side machining. Machine 5 sides of a part without a 5-axis machine. The unit features pull studs on the bottom so that it can be mounted onto any 96mm RockLock™ plate. It also has 2 counter bores for traditional mounting to machine T-slots at 4″ or 100mm.

Simply machine your material, unlock the system, rotate the material, lock the system and continue machining.

Includes 4x PS20F

Materials: Aluminum

Size: 149.4mm x 158.0mm x 200.0mm

Mounting: RockLock PS20F or 2x 1/2-13 bolts @ 4” or 2x M12 bolts @100mm

Spacing: 4x PS20F (Included) or 2x M12 or 1/2” SHCS @ 100mm – 101.6mm (4”)

Repeatability +/- 0.0003″