V75100X Vise, 75mm x 100mm, Self-Centering

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The V75100X is the most recent revision of our V75100 vise. Now with a new 4 bolt jaw mounting to reduce jaw lift and robust clamping and sharper teeth for a better bite.

This small compact 5 axis vise was created to be used on very small office type mills and micro pallet changers. We took the technology in the V552 and V562 and shrunk it down to create what is now the V75100X.

Size: 75mm x 100mm x 56mm

Jaw Width: 75mm

Clamping Force: 13.5 kN @ 60 Nm

Max Torque: 60 Nm

Forward Clamping Range:
0 – 40.3mm

Reverse Clamping Range: 38.5mm – 76.3mm