Machining and fixture development


Prototype machining

With quick turnaround times for prototyping you will iterate significantly faster through the development of your products.

High density

Whether you need manual screw clamping or automated hydraulic clamping, we guarantee high density fixtures with zero chip issues for higher productivity.

CNC Machining

From prototypes to medium size production runs, we machine in most metals. We can offer competitive prices and high quality on our 4 and 5 axis machining centers.

Bespoke fixtures for your production parts

We specialize in effective fixturing for your production. Using our proprietary clamping mechanisms we create bespoke fixture pallets for your parts. We promise higher density, tighter tolerances, better chip control and increased production capacity. We design fixture plates for any zero point system.

Why is this page in English?

We're a Norwegian company, mostly serving Norwegian customers. However, Norwegian companes have an increasing amount of English speaking employees, and additionally many of our suppliers and partners are English speaking. Feel free to contact us in either language!

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